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5 Netflix Comedy specials to watch during the Lockdown

It is said that the truth hides in the jokes. Think about it, how many times has a person “joked” about something. And when you took time to process it, you found a lot of truth hidden in it. “Yup” that is the art of comedy.

When you think about the likes of Trevor Noah and how he usually makes fun of hardships that most of us Africans can relate to. We see that people, particularly from the townships, from Gugulethu or Soweto, have similar experiences.

The great thing about comedy is that it helps us better cope under some unfavourable circumstances that would otherwise take a toll on our mental wellbeing. The current Covid-19 pandemic, political instability and general stress experienced today, with comedy we have time to just kick back and be like “it’s not that deep”.

Below we list 5 comedy specials on Netflix, that have kept some of us accompanied at home through these tough times.

CHRIS ROCK: Tambourine – Chris Rock pokes fun at his failed marriage to Malaak Compton. He uses the analogy of how marriage is a band and for a band to function well, each member needs to play their instrument – very a great comparison.

DAVE CHAPPELLE: sticks & stones – Dave Chappelle addresses his experience with the “me too” movement and the LGBTQI community. He admits that some of his previous jokes rubbed his fans the wrong way, but one thing we cannot deny the man knows how to get his message across and that is the reason he is up there with the best of them.

DEON COLE: Cole hearted – If you ask me, this is one of the best stand specials out there. Deon Cole has been low-key, one of the funniest people I have ever watched. There is just something about his facial expressions when he tells his jokes, and it is the confidence that he has when telling that joke that steals you.

TREVOR NOAH: Son of Patricia – While he needs no introduction, in this special his level of versatility and relatable stories. Trevor Noah never tries too hard,  yet he always gives us  “stomach pains” with his performances.

KEVIN HART: IRRESPONSIBLE – A brilliant performance based on his own shortcomings and infidelities. Through his creative comedy, Kevin Hart has mastered, and that is the art of storytelling. He understands that not every joke has to have a punchline. This world-class comedian does not show any sign of slowing down on his winning streak, and we love it.

Dave Chappelle: 8:46

As mentioned before, Dave Chappelle is what we call a G.O.A.T in these streets. What sets this man apart is how he takes time to process information. He has a way of formulating jokes in a not too offensive manner to meet the target audience. 8:46 was shot during a rough period for the world. We needed to hear voices like these to school us and also tell us, that we will be fine.

Eddy Griffin- Tell Them I Said It.

There is no right or wrong way of addressing & challenging political, religious beliefs. Tell Them I Said it is one of the first ever Netflix stand up comedy specials that I have watched and picked up a lot of important points to apply in real-life situations. If I told everything about you wouldn’t want to go watch it!

Tell us what your favourite Netflix comedy special is and what you have been watching during Lockdown.