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5 places to visit when Cape Town travel reopens

As the country moves to level 2 of its risk adjusted lockdown strategy, many more opportunities to visit and travel will soon be available.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put everything on hold, and many of us have gone through the most. The lockdown has had people reflecting and missing their usual hangout spots. Even for those who have not really been social before are feeling the brunt.

This has become a time for us to chill and look back at the fun times we have had and the places we have been. More than ever, we realize that taking time for ourselves and just “doing you” was never a selfish act in the history of humankind.

Whether you like outdoor experience & sea view, going out and just connecting with nature. Or you just want a glass of something and connecting over conversational drinks, we have just the places for you.

Now that Mother City can soon start welcoming guests again, we took the time to appreciate the finest and nicest places to visit when you are in Cape Town.

Having experienced these places first hand, Vent recommends these places as they slap up a unique experience of good vibes in outdoor settings. The service and conversations are different and the environment filled with great energy, where dance, drinks, good food and friends meet.

The 5 spots we recommend:

We had fun compiling this list for you! Let us know if you have visited and how your experience was like. So tag us on your Instagram stories and post @ventgroupsa,. we want to see what you have been up to.