Investing money in technology can be counter-intuitive

Investing in Technology

Technology is no longer a beneficial business tool, it is essential! The constant evolution of soft and hardware technologies allows businesses to grow in more agile and efficient ways. A rate that was impossible a few decades ago.

Moving forward with the fourth industrial revolution, the digitisation of business operations will occur at a more rapid speed. However, the crushing costs associated with the sped up pace of technological advances are, especially from a business perspective, are not always factored in.

Understandably, South African enterprises, both large and small, are moving towards the global trend of operating leases. This gives a much more flexible and cash flow-friendly option.

Rentals, such as IT hardware, give businesses the benefit of technology, but takes away various forms of risk. Risks such as an escalating redundancy rate, vast amounts of unutilized equipment, and pressure on cash flows. This is how progressive organisations are leveraging the advantages of operating leases, which simultaneously optimises their budgets.

Although technology purchases aren’t an organisation’s largest expense, they are rapidly depreciating assets. Apart from the initial purchase price, there are various hidden costs such as maintenance and upgrades.

When the equipment reaches its ‘expiration date’, more capital is needed to dispose of it in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

It simply makes business sense

As the largest independent asset rental company in South Africa, RentWorks understands all these challenges. By providing companies with asset rental solutions for over 20 years, the vast benefits of operating leases have become increasingly clear.

Over the past two decades, customers have highlighted advantages over and above improved cash flow. Factors such as better purchasing power, flexible payment and end-of-term options, competitive insurance rates, and flexible financing.

RentWorks sees itself as a business enabler. Assisting customers to provide a more effective, streamlined operational process to their clients and supply chains.

So over the years, RentWorks’ leasing experts have identified industry shortcomings and developed leading solutions to overcome them, such as

  • Asset Intelligence: Clients can manage and track assets for maximum effectiveness, improved uptime, and reliability.
  • REAM: A 24/7 web-based client portal that provides access to rental contracts and detailed asset inventory information. This helps manage cost allocation and rental management.
  • Insurance: Various insurance options to suit client needs with no payable excess.
  • eWaste: Our environmentally friendly, audited and certified offering. Taking the headache out of data sanitation, the refurbishment of assets for re-use, and disposal.

These advantages make it clear why optimising the acquirement and management of assets with a RentWorks rental solution. To transform asset procurement strategies into strategic competitive advantages.

For more information, visit the RentWorks Africa website.